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Going Places Travel Pte Ltd was established in 2000. We are registered with Singapore Tourism Board (TA No: 01167) and a member of NATAS. Over the years, we have grown to what we are today. Recognized in the travel industry for its prompt, personal and excellent service. This is manily  due to your strong support.  We appreciate your business.  Our team of  professional staff with years of experience in the travel industry will take you through your journey all the way to fulfil your dream of a memorable holiday. Be it to a nearby destination or  to a faraway land. We have the expertise and the knowledge to ensure that you enjoy, bringing back sweet memories of your  wonderful stay overseas.  


 In our expansion programme, we have updated and improved our website.  Our customers are now able to book online.  Filled with hundreds of tour packages at your fingertips, you now have a wide choice of exotic destinations. You can still call us for professional advice or give us your feedbacks, which are most welcomed. 
We will respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.
Our specialties cover all range of travel packages, customised tours, group tours, team building, private groups, honeymoon packages incorporating  sophisticated packages.As we venture into the new world, we will continue to  explore new destinations to meet your high expectations with new itineraries, new adventures, packages designed strictly with you in mind.
Once again, we thank you for your kind support.  You will as usual get the prompt and professional service which we are proud to be associated with.

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